Posted On: January 22, 2013

CD & DVD Mini Disc

Custom Shaped Discs

With our extensive experience and knowledge in optical disc manufacturing, we can offer a vast selection of products and services along with a host of print and packaging options for your specific needs. 

Depending on order quantity and required turnaround time, we can accommodate you with the following three options for CD & DVD Mini discs and Business Card style discs: 

  • Duplication for small quantities – (100 to 9,999) copies
  • Custom-cutting of mass-replicated discs for medium size quantities of (1,000 to 9,999) copies
  • Replicated – custom molded discs for large quantities – with minimum quantities of (10,000) copies

Depending on your order quantity, Media Technologies can accommodate you with the following styles, production process and direct-to-disc surface print options:



  • Business Card Style & Mini Discs are intended to play in tray,

           or spindle type CD-ROM drives.

  • Do not use in slot drives, car players, CD stackers or Jukebox!


Please explore our website to learn more about the technical aspects of custom shape CDs. Of course, Media Technologies will be happy to assist you with all the technical requirements of your project. 

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