Posted On: January 22, 2013


To Duplicate or Replicate?

Duplication – commonly referred to as “burning”, is the process of copying the content of a master source onto individual blank recordable media.

CD-R / DVD-R duplication is a more flexible solution when desired content changes too quickly for a mass-replication solution to make sense.





Mass-Replication is a high-speed molding process that requires the creation of a master-stamper (metal mold) containing the digital data transferred from the original master source and molding exact ‘replicates’.
Duplication is the most cost-effective method for ‘on-demand’, short-run projects of (100) to (500) copies, as well as for those time sensitive projects with quantities of (500) to (1,500) copies that require fast turnaround time to meet your deadline without sacrificing quality – yet eliminating the rush charges for creating a master-stamper.





Able to amortize the initial glass master-stamper cost over a large quantity of discs, combined with the fast cycle time of a few seconds per disc, makes the mass-replication manufacturing process most cost-effective for quantities of (500+) CD or (1,000+) DVD copies.

Standard turn time for CD and DVD duplication is 4-5 days, but 2-3 days and 'Next Day' Express Service is available.

So, duplication is the better solution if you need a fast turnaround time.



Lead Time

Standard turn time is 8 to 10 days for discs only (bulk) – add 1 to 2days for projects requiring printing of graphics & packaging.

Express Service is available for as fast as 'Next Day'.

The per UNIT costs are higher than replication because it's a more labor intensive process. However, due to the minimal set up costs, the total cost for duplication of mall quantities is less expensive than replication.




The per UNIT costs for higher quantity mass-replication runs are lower because imass-replication is a high speed precision molding process from a created metal mold (stamper) with the original master source embedded into each disc – creating an exact replicate.

Low Set-Up Cost. Since the setup costs for duplicating a few discs are minimal by comparison to mass-replication of large quantities, the CD and DVD duplication process is most cost-effective for small runs – from 100 to 500 copies.

Our Express Service for professional quick-turn can accommodate a last minute CD or DVD duplication project for those larger volumes you need immediately to meet your deadlin




Quality & Consistency

Media Technologies offers a range of CD & DVD replication services with full verification of replicated discs against source data.
All discs are inspected for defects and measurements taken from samples ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained. The first discs replicated are tested bit for-bit with the original.
At Media Technologies, we are using professional grade recordable media and state-of-the-art automated high speed duplication systems – verifying each copy against the master source – assuring high playback compatibility.




Replication is a high speed precision molding process applicable for large quantities of CDs and DVDs just like any CD or DVD you find in retail stores. They are exact 'replicates' from an original master source.
New! CD-R Duplication: To simulate the appearance of mass-replicated discs, we use ‘real silver’ recordable CD-Rs specifically formulated with a clear dye instead of the blue or green tinted dye exhibited on conventional discs.





Our incredible full color 600dpi high definition IMPACT® Imaging printing process with high gloss finish is included with every CD/DVD duplication order, giving you the industry's best on-disc printing possible, guaranteed!

The resulting print is phenomenal! It represents the perfect solution to achieve the most dramatic images with maximum high Impact Image for your next CD / DVD project – reproducing your creative design with razor-sharp raised details, sharpness and brightness conventional printing processes can not match.





Direct - to-Disc Surface Print

At Media Technologies, we take great pride in the print quality of every disc we manufacture. Depending on quantity, turnaround time, and complexity of your image design, we are able to offer you the greatest surface print flexibility by providing you with three distinctly different surface printing processes, each for specific applications to best suite your artwork

  • Silkscreeen
  • Offset
  • 600dpi high definition IMPACT® Imaging print including high gloss finish.
If you need your discs fast or you only require a small quantity then duplication is the best option.



But if you need a large number of discs and you can allow for a reasonable lead time, replication is the preferred option.



Media Technologies is an established replication company that has proven itself reliable and cost effective in CD and DVD replication for many satisfied customers time after time.

So whether you need a hundred or 100,000 copies, Media Technologies understands how critical your media project is – small or large.

We believe that our diversified line of products and services, backed by our reputation for reliability and impeccable service, makes us a strong business partner for you.

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