Posted On: January 22, 2013

 Direct-to-Disc Surface Print Options

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 Direct to surface print options
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At Media Technologies, we take great pride in the print quality of every Compact Disc we manufacture.  Depending on quantity, turnaround time, and degree of customization, we provide the greatest surface print flexibility of distinctly different printing processes, each incorporating the most advanced technology in its class – literally establishing a new dimension for Compact Disc surface print for others to strive for!


  • Silk Screen print process with an 85-100 line per inch direct-to-disc surface print – while not achieving the high resolution of the offset or digital printing process, it is best suited for images that require matching specific PMS spot colors, as well as text-only over a solid flood color.


  • Offset print process with genuine 4-process colors (CMYK) at 175 lines per inch direct-to-disc surface print reproduces high resolution images with fine details and gradients – using plates to transfer ink to the disc for smooth and even coverage, eliminating ‘screen patterns’ of conventional silkscreened images.


  • Digital high definition IMPACT® Imaging printing process at the incredible direct-to-disc surface print resolution of 600 dpi and a three dimensional appearance – creating the most remarkable photographic like images on a CD/DVD conventional printing processes cannot match.

That’s not all! By adding a high gloss finish over the printed image we create the most vibrant colors.  It makes the difference between the expected and the remarkable!

The high definition IMPACT® Imaging is waterproof and will not fade over time and is available with all optical disc formats – duplicated, replicated, and printed blank media discs.


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