Posted On: January 22, 2013

Dual Disc Replication


It's not a CD, It's not a DVD, It's both, It's a DualDisc "Hybrid Disc"dual disc

What is a DualDisc? It's a new two-sided "Hybrid Disc" product introduced primarily by the video and music industry with DVD recorded material on one side and digital audio material on the other side. In the business-to-business sector each side of the disc works exactly as a separate DVD-ROM or CD-ROM would, allowing you to access all target audiences with just one disc.

The DVD side of a DualDisc Replication offers DVD video, DVD audio or DVD-ROM content which may include many of the features currently found on standard DVD discs including; enhanced audio, 5.1 surround sound, music videos, artist interviews, behind-the-scene footage, documentary films, photo galleries, web sites, animations, presentations or any other material produced by the authoring company, recording artist or label.

The CD side of a DualDisc is a conventional CD. It can hold all of the usual CD formats currently available, with only a slightly reduced capacity.

DualDisc Replication Services include:

  • Traditional CD's on one side (ROM or Audio)
  • High capacity - high quality DVD on the other side
  • Enhanced video packages on the DVD - 5.1 surround sound Dolby Digital version
  • Only marginally more expensive than traditional DVD Discs
  • Identical in size to standard CD or DVD
  • One Hybrid Disc has the possibility of hitting 100% of your target audience
  • Music Video recordings, showing artists and other behind the scenes documentary footage, artist's comments, lyrics, artist’s bios
  • Enhanced value supplements such as bonus tracks
  • DVD-ROM Material, with the potential of customer registration to collect further material from web sites
  • Disc packaging options are identical to traditional CD and DVD products.

DualDisc Direct-to-Disc Surface printing:

Since the content of the DualDisc is read from either side, the surface print area is reduced to the inner stacking ring (limited to a title line only).

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