Posted On: January 22, 2013

New Flexi-Disc DVDs

Flex Disc the perfect solution for promotional and Direct Mail projects. Ask a project manager today.

What is Flex Disc?

Flex Disc is the latest technology in the optical disc manufacturing sector – available in full-sizeDVD and 80mm DVD mini discs.  The single layer DVD format has the same capacity of a DVD-5, but is lighter, more “flexible” and half the thickness of a standard DVD.

In recent years, many disc based direct mail campaigns experienced a relatively high
percentage of "breakage in transit" as digital marketing professionals relied on various carriers to deliver these items to the doors of businesses and consumers. Packaging systems were created to minimize the amount of discs damaged in transit, however, in all mail or express delivery applications – results were still unacceptable due to bulky packaging solutions.

Today, we are proud to introduce you to the latest addition to our extensive line of unique products and services. 

The new and revolutionary flexible disc that keeps your data intact through thousands of flexes, perfect for insertion into magazines, envelopes for mailing, or mass mailer marketing.

The Flex Disc eliminates breakage in transit by providing a flexible, resilient disc product that
will almost NEVER crack, break, or become damaged.

Flex Disc offers hundreds of promotional and packaging options. Be creative and get attention by leaving a sales presentation at a client's office wrapped around a wine bottle. Use a flex disc as part of the graphic on a self mailer. Mini Flex-Lite discs are the perfect size to simply slip into a standard #10 envelope without additional packaging. 


FlexVCD® Thin DVD 3” Mini disc (80mm) (1.1 GB)
FlexVCD® Thin DVD-5: One side, single layer of recording  (4.7GB)




    Media Technologies offers complete line of Fflex Disc manufacturing and packaging solutions.For more information on this exciting product contact a project manager.

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