Posted On: January 22, 2013

Blank media the Alternative to Inkjet Printing

Alternative to Ink-Jet Surface Print for your in-house Duplication projects.

pre printed balnk media

Why not using professional looking pre-printed recordable blank media for a Maximum Impact and Corporate Image?

Your in-house duplication and ink-jet surface print capabilities are the most cost-effective solution for small duplication projects and those that require immediate turnaround.

However, for those occasional larger projects (qty of 300+copies), we are able to offer a more cost-effective alternative – eliminating the time consuming ink jet print process and high ink jet surface print cost per disc.

Let us combine professional grade recordable blank media with our direct-to-disc 600dpi high definition IMPACT® Imaging surface print method with waterproof high gloss finish as a cost effective  alternative.


Since most projects are time sensitive, our ‘Surface Print Only – Express Service’ includes FREE Next-Day delivery via FedEx for duplication & packaging at your facility.

Of course, we also can accommodate you with a full range of options –

from duplication to retail-ready packaging and blind shipping to the destination of your choice.

To learn how Media Technologies can help you with your last minute project deadline.

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