Posted On: January 22, 2013

High Definition Impact® Imaging

Color & Images
the way you


High Definition Impact Imaging - its only competition is reality!

 For the all-important CD/DVD/Blu-ray surface print with a professional appearance for even the smallest quantity of ‘on-demand’, short-run duplication, or printing of blank media projects as low as (100) copies, Media Technologies will upgrade your project from traditional printed laser labels, or inkjet to our 600 dpi high definition IMPACT® Imaging all-digital direct-to-disc surface print with high gloss finish and a three dimensional appearance at no additional cost.  Yes that is correct!

A free upgrade that make the difference between the expected and the remarkable!

 Start an Unfair Advantage

with the maximum High Impact Image

for your next CD / DVD / Blu-Ray project.

 Your discs will come alive with vibrant colors and imagery at an ultra-high-resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch and a three dimensional appearance including high gloss finish – giving you the best direct-to-disc surface print possible – guaranteed!

 The resulting print is phenomenal! It represents the perfect solution to achieve the most dramatic images with maximum high Impact Image for your next CD / DVD/ Blu-ray project – reproducing your creative design with razor-sharp raised details, sharpness and brightness conventional printing processes cannot match.

That’s not all!  Combining maximum impact with flexibility to any project, we specialize in providing blank recordable media discs custom pre-printed with your logo, corporate identity, or general information – creating a high impact corporate image – combining professional grade blank media with our unique high definition IMPACT® Imaging direct-to-disc surface print with the flexibility to ‘write’ customized data to each individual copy with total control over quantity and instant availability.

 The high definition IMPACT® Imaging is waterproof and will not fade over time and is available with all optical disc formats – duplicated, replicated, and printed blank media discs.

Your creative design is only limited by your imagination
we do the rest!

What is High Definition Impact® Imaging Direct-to-disc Surface Print?

You need to see the results for yourself!

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